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Alumni Program

Alumni Program

A solid connection is the lifeline of recovery and is a great way to keep yourself immersed in your recovery, even after you have completed your treatment program.

How Our Alumni Program Benefits Recovering Addicts & Alcoholics

Once you have completed your treatment, getting involved in an Alumni Program offers a great way for new people in recovery, as well as those who have some time, to continue building and strengthening their recovery and sobriety by connecting with other recovering alcoholics and addicts.

A strong recovery can only stay strong when you continue to seek support from other like-minded people with whom you can relate to and want a strong recovery like you do. These relationships built with others like yourself can help you regain your sense of purpose all while you help another person in recovery.

What Do Alumni Programs Offer?

If a long lasting recover and solid relationships with others who you can relate with aren’t enough, our program also consists of fellowships, personal celebrations, fun events, and a clean and sober place for you to enjoy the holidays. Twice a month, an alumni twelve-step meeting led by a speaker is held. This meeting quickly becomes an integral part in many of our client’s and former client’s lives. They also allow alumni to meet current clients and help build sober support networks and make new friends. We also hold birthday meetings, which help honor a person’s length of sobriety with monthly and yearly coins. One of the best things offered is celebrating recovery milestones. It is so important that a person celebrating is acknowledged for all of their hard work and knows that what they are doing is a big step. This keeps people motivated. This also is vital for newcomers because it shows them that long lasting sobriety is possible if they take a few suggestions and stay connected. 

They have the opportunity to see that happiness and success will come if they remain clean and sober by providing hope. We also attend local meetings in the area so that both the clients and the alumni can get familiar with the meetings in their area and connect with others as well. The events that are offered are a great way to have fun in sobriety by getting together to play sports like basketball and softball, taking trips to the beach together, or engage in fun activities like going to the movies or going bowling. 

These events also act as a good way to help newcomers integrate back into real world activities all while having support in these recovery-focused events. If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about the beautiful world that recovery can offer you, please contact us. We are available around the clock to answer any of your questions or concerns you may have. Please also feel free to check out the alumni programs offered at Garden State Treatment Center and Recreate Life Counseling.

Welcome to Recreate Behavioral Health Network Addiction Treatment

An Alumni Program is intended to help past and present clients deepen their connections. Recovery is a life long process and you will continue to heal and grow through out your whole life. This is your chance to use the wisdom so freely given to you by others, and help the next addict or alcoholic regain confidence, love, gratitude, and self-worth in their own lives and even teaching one another how to trust again. It shows that each client is valuable for inspiring others, new or old in recovery, and reinforces long-term success.